The New UFOs Disclosed Forum is Attracting Thousands of Members

New site pledges to help its members find definitive and legitimate proof to support the longstanding belief that “we are not alone.” Those interested in learning the “truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial life” have flocked to the site, and to date, membership is more than 2,000 strong and climbing in less than 30 days. Continue reading

The Possibility of A False Flag UFO Invasion

Simply put, a false flag UFO invasion would be a hoax played on a population by the powers that be.Prior to the 2012 Olympics, rumors were flying that a fake UFO invasion was being planned during the opening ceremony. Anytime someone starts spreading word about some drastic event due to happen on a certain date, a big portion of the world sighs. The rest are busy trying to find out if this is real or not.

One might wonder

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UFOs and the CIA Saga Continues

In July of 1952 Washington area radars picked up real UFOs, and the CIA instantly got deeply involved.As pilot Kenneth Arnold stated on the 30th anniversary of the UFO phenomenon: “We have to have 15 million witnesses before anybody is going to look into this problem? Seriously? Well this is utterly fantastic… more fantastic than flying saucers or people from Venus.” That was in 1977, and things haven’t changed much since then. Hundreds more pilots, astronomers, scientists

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UFOs and Crop Circles

Without a doubt, UFOs and crop circles are the biggest mystery of our current era.Another huge mystery that has been unfolding in recent years are massive formations in grain fields around the world known as crop circles. The greatest number of them have appeared in a south central area of Britain, which is also highly prone to UFO activity. Also present in this region are many ancient sacred sites like Stonehenge along with Bronze

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UFOs and The President

Since the days of Roswell, UFOs and the President just can't seem to part company.Somewhere between Truman and Kennedy, even the president didn’t have the proper security classifications to see any files pertaining to UFOs. Not that there wasn’t any interest, a number of U.S. presidents have seen unidentified flying objects.

Learning what was known about them was on the top of Jimmy Carter’s list when he moved into the oval office. Having seen

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Exactly What are UFOS?

Millions want to know the answer to questions like 'What are UFOs?' and 'Why are the here?'An age old question that has long begged for a real answer. Are they the vehicles of aliens from another universe, or not? Perhaps it’s best to first examine what UFOs are not.

If you blindly accept that UFOs are the product of Hollywood, then how would you explain all the reported sightings in newspapers across the country dating back

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The Trouble With UFO Disclosure

ufo-disclosureAll world governments and military forces have secrets. Secret missions to protect their people from many dangers that might lurk are understandable. That is, when the looming problem is something humans can control. The dangers that they cannot control would be the ones that become top secret. Like UFOs and worse, aliens.

The petition to the White House for UFO

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Breaking News! Credible Witnesses See UFO

Credible Witnesses See UFOsIf you’re waiting for the day this message flashes across your television screen prior to the evening news on any major channel, please don’t hold your breath. In fact, it might be best that you hope you never see such an announcement. Anything that is sequestered beneath so many layers of top secret classification for many decades won’t be aired

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Aliens, Area 51 and The Roswell Incident

Area-51 and Roswell will always be interconnected, as well as linked to the UFO conspiracy theories.Wherever these three words come together, do not merely skim the surface of what you’re reading. These are probably the biggest mysteries in the world and have been for the greater part of a century. Since there are literally thousands of UFO followers, researchers, skeptics and disinfo artists publishing books and blogs online, it is pretty common that Area 51

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Authentic Video of UFOs

Disbelievers will find any way of debunking real video of UFOs.For a lot of skeptics, clarity is important. They seem to think that unless a video is perfectly clear and professionally shot it’s a hoax. Pity them, for all such videos of UFOs are most definitely fake. Unless of course they came from NASA, who would never release such a thing. Aliens and UFOs have a higher security classification structure

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